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Hussein Jama

Personal Details

Hussein Jama has a Bachelor and Master of engineering degrees in mechanical engineering from RMIT University. This was followed by nearly two years work as a test engineer for Prodrive Automotive Technology Asia Pacific P/L in Melbourne Australia.

Hussein is currently enrolled for a PhD at the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He is under the joint supervision of Prof. Xiao-Ling Zhao, A/Prof. Raphael Grzebieta and Dr. Michael Bambach.

Current Research

Beams Subjected to Impact and Blast loads

This research aims to further our understanding of hollow steel columns subjected to impact and blast loads. However, beams (i.e. columns with no axial load) will be studied as a first step. So far these beams have been studied under medium strain-rate loads using an impact drop rig.

Experimental work in collaboration with BISRU will look into the failure modes and thresholds of square hollow steel tubes subjected to a uniform blast load. The tubes will be fixed at both ends and the effect of section slenderness and length will be studied.

It is hoped that further work will be conducted in blast mitigation by using composite materials to strengthen the steel beams.

Hussein recently won the Victoria Fellowship [link outdated] for this work.