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Yazid Yahya

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Personal Details

Yazid was born in Johor, West Malaysia in 1966. He has been working as Lecturer at the University Technology of Malaysia for 15 years where he teaches Solid Mechanics and Composite Materials.

He is currently doing a PhD under the supervision of Prof W. Cantwell at the Impact Research Centre, University of Liverpool.

Current Research

The Blast response of CFRP Laminates

This project will investigate and characterise the blast resistance of a high performance carbon fibre reinforced plastic similar to that finding increasing use in the aerospace industry.

Initially, the fracture properties of the composite will be investigated at quasi-static rates of strain. The rate-dependent response of this material system will then be investigated by conducting fracture tests at intermediate and high rates of strain. Here, inplane and interlaminar fracture tests will be undertaken using a Hopkinson-bar test facility.

A series of blast tests will also be conducted at BISRU, University of Cape Town. These tests will investigate the blast response on composite laminates of different thickness. After fracture, the panel will besectioned in order to look into the failure mechanisms.