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New Materials

There is an emerging need for new materials for use in blast resistant applications such as street furniture, armour plating of vehicles, and aircraft cargo containers. To this end, a research project in collaboration with the University of Liverpool (UK) is seeking to develop fibre metal laminates (FML) based on a thermoplastic resin matrix which would potentially offer improved blast resistance.

List of most recent publications

  • LANGDON, GS, CANTWELL, WJ, NURICK, GN. "The response of novel thermoplastic-based fibre metal laminates- some preliminary results and observation.", In Press, Journal of Composite Science and Technology.
  • LANGDON, GS, CANTWELL, WJ & NURICK, GN. "The blast performance of novel fibre-metal laminates" Structures Under Shock and Impact (SUSI VIII), Greece, 2004, pp. 455-464.