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A Masters or MSc programme is one which entails a period of postgraduate study, subsequent to a four-year qualification. In the case of Engineering students this qualification will be the Bachelor's degree B.Sc.(Eng), while Science students will be expected to have completed a B.Sc.(Hons) degree.

Depending on previous qualifications, BISRU students with a BSc(Eng) can qualify with a degree of MSc(Eng) or if he or she has a BSc(Hons) a MSc(Appl Sc).

Whatever the particular Masters programme that you register for, the essence of the degree remains the same: it is intended to constitute a training in research methodology, in that the student has to complete a research project in which he/she demonstrates a thorough understanding of the underlying scientific principles as well as of the relevant literature. It is not necessary that the thesis should constitute an original contribution to knowledge in the subject.

There are two options to do an MSc in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment. The student can either choose to do a full dissertation or do half dissertation and complete enough coursework to constitutes the other half of the requirements for the degree. The coursework component serves two purposes: it prepares students for advanced study in their area of research interest, and at the same time it provides breadth, in that it is an opportunity to study advanced topics in areas cognate to the main area of interest.


The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is a research degree, usually following directly after your Masters degree (or after conversion of your Masters degree to a Ph.D.), which you will usually do full-time. It is not essential that you proceed through the faculty in which you obtained your bachelor's degree.

When considering an application from a prospective candidate for registration for the degree of Ph.D. the University will be guided by the following as being the appropriate admission requirements:

  • a recognised master's degree; or
  • a recognised honours bachelor's degree or a recognised four-year bachelor's degree plus at least one year's registration for an approved master's degree; or
  • a recognised three-year bachelor's degree plus at least two years registration for an approved master's degree; or
  • in special circumstances, at the discretion of the Senate, an approved bachelor's degree or qualification recognised by the Senate as equivalent.