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Financial Support

At the level of postgraduate study, most students would hope to be able to finance their own studies through a combination of bursary support and money earned through tutoring.

The National Research Foundation (NRF), the primary statutory research funding body, has two mechanisms of student support which apply to UCT: grant holder linked bursaries, and free-standing prestigious bursaries. The grant holder linked bursaries form the bulk of the BISRU student support. In addition, BISRU also sets aside funds each year, for the support of its postgraduate students. This support is provided in the form of BISRU scholarships, and these are tax-free. Further details of scholarship conditions and stipends may be obtained from the Director.

The availability of BISRU scholarships, and their value, depend on BISRU being able to secure an adequate amount of funding each year. Thus, while it has not up to now been necessary to decrease or curtail the awards in any year, it is important to realise that the amount of the scholarships cannot be guaranteed in advance.

Renewal of funding is subject to satisfactory progress on the part of the student.

Postgraduate students may be able to generate further income by being employed as Tutors or Demonstrators. Relevant Heads of Departments should be contacted for further information.

International postgraduate students

BISRU welcomes applications from international students who wish to pursue postgraduate study in the Research Unit (as a matter of fact we already have numerous international students from every corner of the world).