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Postgraduate Students

Talita Van Tonder

Tel: + 27 21 650 5341

Personal Details

Talita grew up in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and Matriculated from Stellenberg High School in 2007. She attended the University of Stellenbosch where she graduated with a BSc in Textile and Polymer Science in 2010 and then a BscHons in Polymer Science in 2011. Talita was part of the Macromolecular Architecture research group at the Polymer Science Institute where her Honours research was to investigate the encapsulation of bacteria in colloidal structures.

Current Research

Fibre metal laminates (FML's), such as GLARE, are composite materials consisting of layers of unidirectional glass fibres and Aluminium sheets that are used in the aerospace industry by companies such as Airbus. Composites consisting of woven glass fibre sheets have superior impact resistance to those of unidirectional glass fibre. For her MSc, Talita is investigating the adhesive bonding of woven glass fibre to Aluminium sheets and any modification of the glass fibre to improve the adhesion to the Aluminium interface to survive localized impact and blast loading.