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Sherlyn Gabriel

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Sherlyn Gabriel

Personal Details
Sherlyn received matriculate exemption from Silver Oaks International High School in 2009 after having completed her GSCE A levels. She pursued a BSc(Eng) in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cape Town and received her degree with honours in 2013.  Her undergraduate thesis was on the development of a small-scale earthquake simulator under the supervision of Professor G.N. Nurick and Mr V. H. Balden. Sherlyn is currently registered for a MSc(Eng) in Mechanical Engineering with BISRU.

Current Research
Sherlyn is currently doing coursework for her masters. She is still scoping research topics for her dissertation under the supervision of Professor G.N. Nurick. However, she is looking into the structural impact of materials subjected to blasting and particularly focusing in the prediction of human response to such blasting.