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Sean Davids

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Sean Davids matriculated in 2005 at St. Joseph's Marist College in Rondebosch, Cape Town. He went on to pursue higher education in civil engineering (ASPECT student under Dr Howard Pearce) in 2006. After his first year, he was awarded the class medal for PHY1011W in 2007; during which, he decided to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering instead. In 2011, he graduated with a BSC in Mechanical Engineering, and worked in industry till the beginning of 2014. After having completed his employment, he returned to UCT to pursue his postgraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently with BISRU, doing 60 credits course work and a 120 credit dissertation.



Although busy with his coursework, he is working with Professor Genevieve Langdon to determine the scope of his thesis. His research will involve an investigation into containing blast waves in a confined space; thus protecting civilians.