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Postgraduate Students

Nzudzanyo Ranwaha

Tel: + 27 21 650 5341

Personal Details

Nzudzanyo (Nzu) was born and raised in Ha-Luvhimbi village in Limpopo province, South Africa. He pursued a BSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cape Town and graduated in 2011. He did his undergraduate thesis within BISRU where he investigated the response of Domex 700 steel plates to repeated uniform blast loading. Nzudzanyo is now registered for an MSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Current Research

One of the possible aftermaths of an explosion is the projectile motion of ejected fragments into the surrounding. Such fragments, depending on the material they are made of and the speed at which they are ejected, can cause considerable damage when they come into contact with any obstacle. Nzudzanyo’s project entails inducing damage on a steel plate by a cap fragment that is released from another steel plate which is subjected to localised blast loading. Different energy absorbing materials are then introduced in between the two parallel plates in order to prevent the damaging effect that would be caused by the cap fragment.