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Lloyd Zacharias

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Lloyd Zacharias

Personal Details

Lloyd attended Selborne College in East London and matriculated in 2008. After school he continued his education at The University of KwaZulu-Natal where he graduated with a BSc. Mechanical Engineering in 2012. Lloyd completed his undergraduate thesis within the Aerospace Systems Research Group (ASReG) where he was involved with designing and manufacturing a paratrike, which is a light aircraft based on powered paragliding. Lloyd moved to UCT in 2013 to pursue a postgraduate degree in Engineering and is currently registered as an MSc student with BISRU.


Current Research

Supervisors – Prof. G. Nurick and Dr S. Chung Kim Yuen

As a result of terrorist and conflict-related activity around the world, explosive blasts claim hundreds of lives annually. It is shown that 90% of these injuries are a direct result of high velocity glass fragments emitted from architectural glazing systems. Laminated glazing, which contains two or more glass panels bonded to a polymer interlayer to retain fragments upon failure, may be used to decrease such effects. For his MSc, Lloyd is applying a predominantly experimental approach to investigating the deflection and failure mechanisms of laminated glass panels as well as the effect of common glass clamping methods under scaled blast loading using a modified blast pendulum.