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Kelsey Hilton

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Personal Details



Kelsey matriculated from St Mary’s School for Girls, Waverley in 2010 with 7 distinctions. During her time at St Mary’s, Kelsey was awarded academic honours. Kelsey attended boarding at St Mary’s from 2007 to 2010 and this allowed her to grow and experience a new set of challenges. In 2011, Kelsey began studying Electro-Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cape Town, graduating in 2014 with honours. Her undergraduate thesis involved designing, building and testing a pneumatically operated compression device for the lower limb to help treat lower leg swelling and possibly prevent conditions such as DVT. This project was supervised by Dr George Vicatos.


Current Research

Kelsey is currently completing coursework for her Master’s, while simultaneously redesigning experimental equipment required for her research alongside supervisor, Trevor Cloete, and two fellow Master’s students. While Kelsey’s research is in the infant stages at the moment, it will involve compression testing bovine bone at varying mineral densities. This will hopefully give insight into the way human bone reacts to loading and impact events as osteoporosis sets in.