James Stock

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 James Stock

Personal Details

James Stock graduated from the University of Cape Town with a BSc in Electro-Mechanical Engineering with first class honours in 2013. During the course of his undergraduate degree, he was awarded the class medal for Engineering Statics in first year and the class medal for the student with the highest weighted average in Electro-Mechanical Engineering in his 2nd ,3rd and 4th years of study. He was also awarded the City of Cape Town Silver Gilt Medal at the end of 2013.


Current Research

Supervisor: Professor Genevieve Langdon

James is still completing coursework, but his dissertation will focus on the effects of impacts on lightweight composite structures. Lightweight composites are of great importance to the transport industry as they offer significant weight savings when compared to conventional materials. A reduction in the weight of a vehicle reduces its fuel consumption and emissions and could allow it to carry a larger payload, but it is necessary for the vehicle designer to know how the materials used will respond to unusual events such as crashes in order to ensure that the vehicle performs safely in those scenarios.

James' research will test lightweight composites in impact loading scenarios and develop numerical models that will help to improve our understanding of the interactions and mechanisms involved in these scenarios.