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Ismail Ghoor

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Personal Details


Ismail matriculated from Kismet Combined School in Vryburg, in the North West Province. After matric he decided to do a year of Business Science at the University of Cape Town, before he started his engineering degree. The main reason was to get exposure to a variety of courses which were not offered in Engineering. Ismail currently holds a BSc. Mech Eng degree from the University of Cape Town. In addition he received the Penny Wilson Award in final year which recognises service to his class mates.


Current Research Supervisors:

Associate Professor Chris von Klemperer and Professor Genevieve Langdon

Ismail is currently completing his course work during this year, but current interests are the impact testing and the modelling of curved composite sandwich panels. In addition some green aspects relating to composites might be investigated. It is well known that composite materials are the materials of the future. They have excellent stiffness to weight ratios and have improved vibration and damping characteristics. Composites have made great head way in many industries, including the aviation industry and marine industry to name but a few.