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Gregory Sinclair

Tel: + 27 21 650 5340

Personal Details

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Greg Sinclair Matriculated at St Andrews School Welkom in 2006. He completed his B.Sc Mechanical Engineering with honours in 2010 at the University of Cape Town. For his final year project he carried out experiments to investigate “Engine Air Boosting Simulation System” at the Sasol Advanced Fuel Labs. Greg is currently registered for an MSc.

Current Research

Supervisors - A. Prof. G.S. Langdon and A. Prof. C.J. von Klemperer

For his MSc, Greg is investigating the response of singly curved composite sandwich panels subjected to blast loading. The majority of studies for the dynamic response of lightweight materials have been focused on flat panel configurations, with less attention to curved and non-metallic structures such as fibre-reinforced composites. Sandwich panels are lightweight alternatives to monolithic materials and usually comprise of two outer face sheets separated by a deformable core material. Composite sandwich panels are increasingly used in the marine, land transport and naval industries for their high rigidity to weight ratios. Research into the blast loading response of fibre reinforced polymer composite sandwich panels subjected to blast loads is increasing , although little attention has still been given to curved sandwich panels. This project entails the study of flat and curved composite sandwich panels subjected to localised blast loading.