Postgraduate students

Andrew Roginsky

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 Personal Details:


Andrew Roginsky graduated from Wynberg Boys’ High School in 2010 coming in the top 10 of his class. In 2011 Andrew began his tertiary education at the University of Cape Town, being placed multiple times upon the Dean’s list; Andrew graduated at the end of 2014 with his BSc (Mech) Eng with Honours. Andrews’s undergraduate final year project included the design and fabrication of surgical instruments in order to ensure a total knee replacement under the supervision of Dr George Vicatos. This involved experimental testing and careful ergonomic design to ensure minimal bone removal.


Current Research:

Registered for: MSc (Eng) at the University of Cape Town

Supervisor: Mr Trevor Cloete

The MSc focuses on both course work and dissertation, however while completing coursework required to fully engage with the dissertation, Andrews research will be based on the fracture and deformation of cortical or cancellous bone, as the microstructure of bone is highly complex. The sample required to obtain specimens from is still under discussion and so for the moment the focus is to construct the testing equipment and necessary calculations required for experimental testing. The need for the following research is in order to understand the reaction and properties of bone within the intermediate strain rate (strains of 1-100/s) as preliminary tests are producing non-linear behaviours. This will allow for models to be constructed which will aid further development and research within fields such as forensics and osteoporosis.