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High Speed Camera


The high speed camera (Photron - ultima APX-RS) provides full mega pixel resolution as fast as 3,000 frames per second (fps), a staggering 10,000 fps at 512 by 512 pixels, and the fastest top speed in the industry of 250,000 fps.


Available with Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire, or optical communications, this compact camera can shutter as fast as 2 microseconds and is easily operated in the field without requiring any computer attached at all. The supplied remote keypad enables full camera setup, operation and image replay and is intuitive and easy to use. When a PC is used, Photron’s PFV software makes setting up and operating multiple cameras a doddle, regardless of the interface used, our FireWire is safe and reliable.


    1. Full, 1,024 by 1,024 pixel resolution, up to 3,000 fps, 512 by 512 pixels at 10,000 fps
    1. 10-bit monochrome CMOS sensor with large pixels for unsurpassed sensitivity
    1. Short inter-frame time makes the APX-RS ideal for PIV and DIC applications
    1. Top recording speed is 250,000 fps – an industry record
    1. Global electronic shutter to 2µs